No need to wait. Make informed decisions on new hires within days, not weeks. Put the right person to work the first time! We supply full North Carolina Criminal Histories in easy to read analysis form, returned to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Hiring and retaining the best employees for your company can be a constant challenge. Once a qualified candidate is considered for employment, it is critical to properly screen the background of that candidate. State and Federal Court have held that the employer is responsible to know who they are hiring before exposing them to it's clients and fellow employees.

Every new employee represents a major investment of your company's time and money. Rather than gamble with the tremendous risk and liability associated with hiring the wrong person, you owe it to yourself, your clients, and fellow employees to select the best possible applicant for the job.

We have developed cost effective screening packages to aid the employer in selecting the best qualified individual for employment acheter propecia en ligne. When properly used with your other normal employment procedures, you are taking steps to:

  •  Prevent theft, fraud and embezllement
  •  Reduce work place violence
  •  Reduce workers compensation cost
  •  Reduce negligent hiring lawsuits
  •  Hire a competent and productive work force
  •  Reduce employee turnover
  •  Increase employee moral
  •  Increase Profits